• How to Handle Unsupportive Family and Friends

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    Over a year ago

    I have seen a lot of people over the years post about their unsupportive parents. First off, I would like to say I am sorry your parents are acting this way. I think it is ridiculous and counterintuative to being a parent. Parents are supposed to support you, even when they do not agree with your radical choices. I am thankful everyday that the worst my dad does is tease me out of love for being vegan.

    Second, not everyone else is going to support your choice to be vegetarian or vegan, and that is okay. The right path isn’t always the easiest, especially when it goes against social norms. Just know that you are taking a moral high ground, but that doesn’t mean you are more righteous or better than those that choose a different moral path. I find the best way to deal with people who are unsupportive and sometimes down right mean is to let it go. Do not force your beliefs on these people. The reason they are treating you this way is because you make them uncomfortable. Deep down they know something is very wrong with the way we treat animals and all you have done is bring it to their attention that it is possible to live a happy, healthy life without causing animal suffering. The jokes and ridicule are others’ ways of dealing with this uncomfortableness. I find that the people who abuse me the most, generally stop when I simply smile and say ok. The only time I ever speak out for animals is when some one is asking me questions. I answer respectfully and fully. Sometimes they don’t want to hear what I have to say, even though they are the ones that asked me. This is fine. Let it go. Don’t push. If they continue to argue with you, simply say we obviously have very different views of the matter and that is perfectly acceptable. We are entitled to believe differently from one another. Kill them with kindness!

    I have seen a lot of people posting that you should counter with showing your friends and family the horrific undercover videos posted by PETA and other AR groups. Unless they ask, I don’t think this is wise. It would be the same a forcing an Athiest to watch Passion of the Christ. Not going to go over well. However, as time goes on, people will learn to accept that you have made your choice and that you are sticking to it. I find that after a while, many of the people who tortured me most become curious and want to hear and understand the issue. Give them time.

    Now please don’t misunderstand me when I say I don’t speak up for animals because I do; I just don’t do it with those who are unsupportive unless they ask me questions first. I still protest, send letters, post on Facebook, hand out leaflet, etc. I talk to those who will listen and WANT to listen and ignore those who don’t. I have found this method works extremely well. By not attacking others when they attack you makes them feel like they can come to you later to address thier uncomfortablness and that you will treat them with respect and kindness even though they didn’t afford you the same luxury.

    I hope this has helped many of you! Good luck!

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