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    Over a year ago

    Ok so I’m taking an ASL class and some of the other students know I’m vegan and they ask about it and I’ll give them some info on animal rights issues like slaughter methods,testing,circuses,etc.I even gave a friend leaflets and a vegetarian starter kit, I don’t know if she’ll consider going vegan but at least she’s educated and open to it.Then I started talking to this guy (not mentioning any names) and I told him how I’ve been to a few protests and as soon as he heard the word protest it made him jump.I don’t think it mattered to him what it was for he just wanted to go.So I’m thinking he’s interested in getting involved in animal rights activism, so I told him about peta2 and he made an account.So the next day I was talking about an upcoming protest in San Diego at Sea World and he wanted to go.Then I was showing him videos on youtube of vegan recipes and he had this kind of surprised face and was like “wait…PETA encourages veganism?” and I just stared like duh! and I said yes and his face was like oh shit and I said “How you gonna go to a protest and say thats wrong then go home and eat meat?” and he asked “what about chicken?” and my reaction was -___- thats an animal and he’s like what about fish? and sarcastically I’m like no thats a vegetable.Then he starts complaining that vegan food is too expensive and I’m trying to tell him if all you’re buying is the mock meats and mock dairy foods then yea it can get pricey but he kept making excuses so at that point I just walked away because he obviously wasn’t serious and probably didn’t know or didn’t care what he was getting into he just wanted to go to a protest.In my head I was like when you’re serious about this then come talk to me about it.I couldn’t believe how hypocritical he is I can’t stand people like that! It really disappointed me.I thought he was serious about this and wanted to get active but he just wants to half ass it. I don’t understand how you want to help animals but eat them too.

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    Over a year ago

    Try to encourage him that beign veg can be quite easy. Make him vegetarian/vegan meals. Beans, rice, tortillas, tofu, veggies, fruit, etc are cheap are vegan so he needs to stop being silly, but try to be subtle and understanding as you don’t want to unintentionally have him go in the opposite direction.

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    Over a year ago

    Many people protest different things but do things that contradict things. However, sometimes it’s good to just encourage people to support one thing, maybe eventually the others will come too. You can disagree with holding animals captive in a place like SeaWorld and still eat meat. In some people’s mind the two do not correlate. I’d rather have one more person speaking out and being active about an issue.. even if they do eat meat than to have no person at all. Although I don’t want people to eat meat.
    I hope that makes sense.

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    Over a year ago

    It blows my mind when people have this big facade of “Oh I’M SO MUCH FOR THE ANIMALS I LOVE ANIMALS” and they sound super-concerned about nearly extinct tigers, but when it comes to the animals they can spare from torture every single day of their life, they’re like… “woah man I like animals but you’re saying meat hurts animals? Like it’s their flesh or something? That’s so ridiculous. That’s extreme.”

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