• I also have no friends on here? lol

    Profile photo of JDalton21

    Over a year ago

    I’ve actually been on here for a while, but somehow still haven’t gotten any friends. I added a few of the people who commented on the previous post where SamN mentioned not having any friends, but I’d appreciate if some other fellow animal lovers added me (: Thanks so much!

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  • Profile photo of SierraSiller

    Over a year ago

    It took me awhile to get any friends on here too, but I didn’t care much since I come on here just to help the animals out. I understand having friends on here is nice though. That’s why I added a few people, then randomly people started adding me! 🙂

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  • Profile photo of Sara-W

    Over a year ago

    Hey @JDalton21,

    I’ve added you. 🙂 See you around the boards!

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