• I am 70% Vegan.

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t eat cheese, or drink milk. I don’t touch fish or shrimp. Any meat is out of the question. Eggs definitely a NO. I don’t wear makeup because of the testing and bi-products, all my shoes are man made materials, my belts are cloth. Don’t eat honey…. BUT

    I eat cake and brownies people make. I know they are made with either milk, or eggs, sometimes both.

    I don’t make a big deal when the waitress brings me lightly buttered bread sticks. I eat clam chowder. I snacks and cookies that im sure are made with diary… Other then Oreos 🙂

    Should i worry about this? How do i go the other 30% any tips?

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    Over a year ago

    @caroline009 not too terribly long ago, people were much more radical here than anything you have experienced as a response to this post and may consider “rude”. As @Sagojyou mentioned, you would have had people swearing at you, telling you to just -GO- vegan because it is NOT difficult.
    The people who have responded to your post have responded truthfully and respectfully. I will openly admit to probably having the least respectful response, and that is fine.

    When you enter into an activist lifestyle, the fact is that you WILL encounter -many- radicals.
    There are many tiers of this lifestyle, and though each one helps more than just an omnivorous diet, there is almost ALWAYS more you could do – and the people who -are- doing more will always mention that (and the people are doing more than -them- will mention it to them).

    You asked if you should worry about that 30%.
    Essentially, that is up to you. Nobody can tell you what you have to do.
    But veganism is not a percentage. You either are, or you aren’t. And that would be a commitment you would have to decide on your own if you want to make.
    If you are in it for the animals, the obvious response is that you should worry about the 100% at all times. Sure, every little bit helps, but there is no reason -not- to go 100% with your diet. Most people are truly incapable of living entirely vegan lifestyles, because it nearly requires to completely live off the grid.
    Our car tires, our bike tires, our fuel, the back on the carpet in our houses, or the sealant around our windows… Most of us will never be able to live in a home or drive a car that did not contribute to the cruelty of animals.

    But we are all capable of fully omitting animal products from our diets. There is nothing stopping anyone.

    And I saw it mentioned earlier that a few people wouldn’t say anything if a waiter served you cheese or butter on your bread – Why on earth wouldn’t you?
    If that person is working in food service, and they don’t understand dietary restrictions, then give them a lesson. It is not difficult to explain that you do not eat animal products, and there is nothing rude about voicing your preferences, certainly not when you are paying to have a meal out.

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    Over a year ago

    Yep @veganistdestrox, our vegan baking cheat sheet is right here: 🙂

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    I was never big on sweets so it’s not hard for me to say no. But you can bake your own sweets. Peta has a baking substitution sheet on their website, most of it is stuff you can get at any grocery store like baking powder, milk alternatives, and earth balance(vegan butter) is even sold at walmart. Also the smart balance (organic) is vegan

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    Over a year ago

    I was like you too. Then this super-vegan on the peta2 said I should stop being a wimp and just GO vegan (and there were more swearing involved than what I wrote here lol). So I did. 😀 Because you could make your own, right? You don’t have to eat it when people make them. If “the desire to want to eat those” > “your reasons for being vegan”, then I guess oh well. But if it’s <, then you might just want to not eat those. Like really.
    And you can't be "xx% vegan"; you're a vegetarian.

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  • Profile photo of caroline009

    Over a year ago

    I have not eaten meat for 4 years. I have eaten clam chowder maybe 4 times since becoming a vegetarian. I did not realize clam was categorized as ‘fish’ until recently. So that’s my fault for not educating myself on the subject. BUT you guys need to remember there are more then 1 types of vegetarianism.

    It’s not about giving up baked goods and cookies. I can and have given them up. It was just for me not reading the labels and sometimes that was the only thing available.

    Thanks everyone who comment that was actually trying to help, some of you others where just being rude and trying to make it seem like I was not trying to give things up because they taste good.

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