• i hate veggies... help!!!

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    Over a year ago

    Hi guys, I became a vegetarian about 4 and a half monthes ago. But I have a problem. I . Hate. Veggies. I hate the taste of veggies sooo much in fact its one of my fears. I know this is unhealthy, and I really want to learn how to like veggies. My dad said if I dont eat veggies soon then I will have to eat meat again. I love just about all fruit. Here are the veggies I like: salad greens ( spinach, boc choy, lettuce, springs, kale, etc), seaweed ( baked sheet forms) , sometimes I get a veggie Jamba juice, and thats it. I also like avacaodo, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, edame but I dont think those are even vegetables. Oh, and I like veggie chips( I know- it doesnt count)

    Does anyone have any tips for incorporating vegetables into my diet? Or really good recipes??? Or good packaed foods that have vegtable in them?

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    Over a year ago

    You actually like a lot of vegetables. Go check out some vegan/vegetarian cookbooks from the library and go through and find recipes you’d want to try and find some that go outside your comfort zone. I used to eat EXACTLY like you, but over time your taste buds change. Like I used to despise beans and zucchini and eggplant and now those are some of my absolute favorite foods(in fact, I have black bean and corn enchilada casserole in the oven right now).

    Its just trial and error, you would be surprised how many foods you actually like, it was just the way they were prepared that made you hate them.

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    Over a year ago

    You like salad greens – have you ever tried dandelion greens? They are about the healthiest greens that are readily available.
    1 cup has:
    1.9g fiber
    1.5 g protein
    112% daily vitamin A
    32% daily vitamin C
    10% daily calcium
    and 9% daily iron
    If you’re eating a lot of fruit, and have at least one large salad full of dark greens a day (lettuce doesn’t really carry much nutritional value), there really isn’t a reason to have to incorporate more veggies.
    I’m almost fully raw vegan, and the majority of what I eat is fruits. I have a salad for dinner every night with a base of 1 pound of dandelion greens, then I throw in things like tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini just for the flavor, sometimes some lentil sprouts. But everything else I eat throughout the day is mostly fruit, with a few nuts and seeds.
    There are plenty of Frutarians (only eat fruit) who are completely healthy.

    What nutrients are you worried about getting that you think you need to eat more veggies?

    Just remember that being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to eat a bunch of vegetables ūüėõ

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