• I hate when people consider animal rights to be an opinion.

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    Over a year ago

    I shared a picture on Facebook that said “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment” and a friend of mine commented saying “that’s one opinion.”
    It bothered me because it’s not merely an opinion; it’s the truth. It is not an “opinion” that animals feel pain, it’s a fact. Animals shouldn’t be free because of our opinion, they should be free because they deserve life just like we do.

    I just feel like if you consider vegetarianism/veganism as merely an opinion, you’re missing the whole point. :/

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    Over a year ago


    & yes, I am correcting a mistype from 1 month ago. I just can’t leave it like that. Haha.

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    Over a year ago

    It is a fact that animals feel pain and suffer but some people believe that it is okay. Just like some people believe that rape is okay. We obviously KNOW it’s not, but they most likely wont change their opinion.

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    Over a year ago

    It really is an opinion though, everyone has their own take on it. Some people merely believe animals are nothing more than put on this earth for us to eat, which i fully understand. That’s the way some people are raised, in the deep country you hunt for anything you eat, there are no tofu burgers in the wild. It’s like politics, just because i vote for rosie o’donald and said she was the best canidate because i like her doesn’t make it a fact, does it? should i expect YOU to have the same views as i? I wouldn’t be offended, don’t get me wrong im a hardcore vegan, i volunteer at my local animal shelter, and i’ve been an animal rights activist for over two years, but that’s something i’ve noticed very commonly throughout people affiliated with peta (im not stereotyping im just stating my observations) they throw animal rights belifs down everyone throats and get pissed off if they immediatly dont adopt the same views as us. Everyone has their thoughts and opinions

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    @Fit4Life111 is right.
    Though we base our opinions on the facts that animals feel pain and emotion, etc., it is still our opinion that animals deserve rights and freedom based on these facts.

    @mackenziemeow mentioned women’s rights, and racial equality. Technically, yes. The thought that women and people of different races deserve the same rights as white men, are opinions. The only difference is those those opinions have become widely accepted, and are considered the norm, now. To most of us, the thought of someone objecting to women’s rights or racial equality, is so incredibly inconceivable, that it doesn’t -seem- like opinion anymore, but there are still people who object to women’s rights, and racial equality – which is their opinion (however ridiculous and horrid that opinion may be…) Even if we win, and animals are granted all the rights and freedom that we fight for – it will still be the supporters opinions that the animals deserve it, and there with still be people with opposing opinions. But their opinions are, and will be, based on non-sense and tradition, while are opinions are based on facts.
    Just as we look back and say “hey, remember when women didn’t have rights? Can you believe that even happened?!”, I hope one day we (and/or future generations) will be able to say the same for animals.

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  • Profile photo of JaskiranGulria

    Over a year ago

    Raising voice against cruelty means raising a voice for a fact which most of the people mud down giving it a term “Opinion”, No it is absolutely not..!!

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