• I have a petition I'd like to make,But how can I make a Petition?

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    Over a year ago

    How can I make a petition to ban Dog based hunting,Like raccoon hunting?
    My dad sadly is a coon hunter,the whole process is disgusting
    I have witnessed it first hand. I have seen what the hunters do to the poor dogs,
    The dogs are whipped,yelled at,Cold water
    is splashed in their faces,they are sometimes even denied food
    Just to train them to hunt raccoons,Then the poor raccoons are hunted up trees
    and shot, Some are even torn apart by the dogs.The dogs of the trade are bred in dog kennels to other hunting dogs,and sold at high prices to hunters.The hunters do not think of the dogs as companions/pets they look at them as Tools,Tools to use for their own purposes,tools to make them money from the animals they kill and sell the meat of.I strongly believe that using dogs
    to hunt should be banned,not just for raccoon hunts,but for bird hunts,Squirrel hunts,And other dog based hunting. How can i make a petition to END this cruel process,And who should I contact?

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