• I helped a dog at the shelter I volunteer at get adopted!

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    Over a year ago

    This is Briar’s story:

    Briar was first brought into the shelter I volunteer at after she transferred from an animal control center where she had been turned in as a stray. She looked like she had had many litters of puppies and was spayed when she arrived at the shelter. She was adopted by a loving family shortly after, but had to be returned when they were forced to move into an apartment that didn’t allow animals. Briar then waited in the shelter for months…

    …and this is where I come in 😀 My boyfriend and I were at his house looking at the shelter pets I volunteer with, and I showed him Briar. I showed her to his mom and they both agreed that it would be the perfect dog for his grandma, who had lost her dog a while ago. So we went up to the shelter to visit Briar, and she did tricks for us and gave us lots of kisses. His mom approved, so we called up his grandma and grandpa and they played with her and walked her as well. After seeing how friendly and sweet she was, they decided to take her home :)

    A few hours afterward Connor and his family and I went to visit his grandma and Briar in her new home. Briar’s new mom gave her a new name, Lindsey. Lindsey is very clearly happy in her forever home with her mom and dad, and I am sooo happy that I got the chance to see it all happen :’) It’s one thing to know the dogs you walk and brush and become attached to have been adopted, but it is completely different to see them happy and cage free and loving their new home 😀

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