• I Ordered A T-Shirt Last Year.... But It Still Hasn`t Arrived Yet

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    Over a year ago

    I ordered a t-shirt using street team points, but it hasn’t arrived yet. It has been almost a year since the order status has changed to completed, but I still have not received the shirt in the mail, yet I have received items that I ordered after ordering the t-shirt. I have e-mailed peta2 multiple times, but received no reply. I`m really quite unhappy. If someone would be able to let me know the correct status of my t-shirt, it would be very much appreciated. It was the All Hearts Be Free shirt in an XS. The order number is 138229. Thanks! :)

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @thisiskris, can you please e-mail me directly at and I can fix this up? Thanks!

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    Over a year ago

    It sounds like it got lost in the mail. I would have been emailing them like crazy after 2 months went by with no shirt. Hopefully they respond to your post soon. I’m really sorry you didn’t get your shirt, I’ve had this happen to me but with other things before and it sucks :(

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