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    Over a year ago

    well im from mexico, i have been vegan since i was 11 years old, and i thought it could be a great idea telling to my friends the beneffits and the way you can help the world being vegan, but many of they just saying that i was wrong, that being vegan is not a way to have fun, cause in the party, “what are you gonna eat, if its meat?” and i just told them that i dont need, THATS NOT ALL!
    after all this, my english teacher asked me the same , and tell me that is necesary eat meat, and that i should start again.
    a few days later another guy get on facebook and change his profile picture and in the description he put “MY ACHIVMENTS! IM SO PROUND!!!!!!” in the picture you can see died animals and he was with a gun I MEAN… HOW CAN THEY BE PROUND OF THAT?!! –
    SO… i wanna take action, thats why im gonna explain a presentation in which one i will include many facts, i already have a lot, but if you have ideas, videos i will include in the presentation, please send to me your ideas AND LETS SHARE OUR WAY TO THINK TO THIS POOR PEOPLE..
    WISH ME GOOD LUCK! (cause they seems being thinking like a caverman…)


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    Over a year ago

    thank you to everyone!! i will upload some pictures, wish me good luck.
    i will present this on friday, so i still have a little time to make it perfect!
    thank you again! :)

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    Over a year ago

    @lilarangel, I absolutely adore this idea. I hope you’ll share photos when you’re finished, not only to earn points but also for your fellow street teamers to see.

    Definitely contact peta2 before you get this all going, they will be a tremendous help – trust me! :)

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    Over a year ago

    This sounds like a HUGE project that you’re attempting to do!
    I agree with @YesWayJose -email peta2 so that they can hook you up with some materials.
    A lot of great material, though. If anything, you’d be short on time.

    Do you already have an assignment that you are planning this for, or is this a project that you are trying to plan on your own?

    If it is the latter, perhaps you could set it up in a way so that people can come and go (because unless it is a mandatory school thing, they probably will) and still get the main message across.
    Again, if it is the latter, do you have anyone else near you that can help you plan out the project? I know there is a page here somewhere where you can email peta2 about it…

    If it is an assignment you are planning for, then just ignore that whole last paragraph…

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @lilarangel,

    It’s awesome that you want to take action in your school for animals. There a lot of campaigns that peta2 has to help you spread the message across. Email: so they can hook you up with materials and tips on how to help animals in your school.


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    Over a year ago

    Well i added the video “free me” also i called the.presentation “free me” and talk about the animals are not here to suffer for the things we do, i added the story of the elephants, i wanna wake up on them the feelings, show that the animals are treating in that way because they cant fight back, i wanna show that the animals are not products, that they have feelings, and is not fair use their lives. The final message is: they have the right to know what life should be

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