• I want to help! But where do I start?

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    Over a year ago

    Straight forward.. I want to help animals in any way possible.. I want to start by going vegan but I’m hesitant because, are the alternatives expensive? Can someone on a low salary afford the food? Does anyone have any newbie recipes to share?

    Where else can I start? How can I get people more active in wanting to help animals in my community? It seems as if no one cares, and I want to spread awareness of all the evil going on and all the ways WE as people can help, but how can I spread the word in a wide spread, attention grabbing way? We live in a society where people don’t want to do much, and mostly want to turn a blind eye to whats happening what is the best approach to get people to open their eyes and pay attention? How can I get more people actively aware and willing to help in my community?
    I want to make a difference, but I don’t know how or where to start.. so could some of the more experienced share how they got awareness going in their communities? What did YOU do to make a difference and get people to pay attention?

    Thank you everyone!

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    Over a year ago

    Thank you guys very much! I definitely appreciate the input!

    KeepTHEfaith, thank you for all those suggestions! I’ll definitely try and implement them! How long have you been vegan? Was it hard to adjust at first? What’s the hardest thing you find about being vegan? Have you been able to make a difference in your small town? And if so, did you do it alone or with the help of others?

    Sorry it’s just nice to be able to talk to people on here who feel the same way about these issues, especially someone like you who is further in the process (already vegan, and already started to work on trying to make a change in your community.)

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    Over a year ago

    Well it seems as if some adults really don’t care so I went to the library took some peta2 stickers and started giving them to some of the younger kids and telling them all about peta2 and they actually cared and wore their stickers on their shirts and seemed so proud! I figured start with the younger population 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Don’t be hesitant ! The alternatives are not expensive ! You don’t have to go out and buy all the fancy name brand vegan foods, you can be a vegan and be on a budget 🙂 The best thing to do is take some of your favorite recipies and veganise them. You don’t have to try anything too fancy if you don’t want to. Most days I just stick with salad because its cheap and easy to make a lunch from, I like to top it with beans, nuts etc. Experiment with foods and see what you like, you can go to your local book store or library and flip through vegan cook books (if they have any) and get idead and inspiration from there ! There are also a ton of news letters you can sigh up for on the web (Obviously, PETA’s are the best haha) and they’ll send you emails giving you recipies you can try. The internet will be your best friend when you’re becoming a vegan 🙂

    You can start by making choices in your every day life, like not wearing animal products like leather, wool, and cutting out products that test on animals. Educate your self on animal rights and abuse issues so you’re prepaired when others ask you questions 🙂 Trust me, you’ll get a ton. You can leaflet around your town, and hang up posters. Its great for people who are out and about town because it will ge them thinking about animal rights. If your town is small, head for the nearest city and maybe bring a few friends with you to leaflet with you. Also, you can use your facebook (If you have one, or twitter, tumblr etc.) to post links to things you care about and ge thte word out about animal rights. I know exactly how you feel, I come from a small town and people HATE change in my town. I cant tell you how many times I’ve posted things only to have them ripped down. 🙁 Don’t be afraid to write letters or emails to people who are wrong doing animals. Make sure to keep them polite though 🙂 People will take you seriously if you’re polite and respectful of their beliefes. If you have a community center in your town, call them and see if you can start a class about animal rights and veganism. The best way to help animals is to educate others ! Request vegan cook books and animal rights books at your library, request vegan foods at a grocery store, fill up their suggestion boxes with suggestions ! It can be rough at first becaue you may feel as though your alone. Don’t let that discourage you ! You’ll find people who have simlar beliefs as you. These things can sometimes take time. Also, don’t be discouagred if people don’t share you beliefs, our society can some times be ignorant. Most people don’t like change. But don’t let a few people who don’t share your beliefs get you down. Be bold when it comes to raising awareness about the issues you care about ! The more passionate, dedicated and friendly you are, the more the word will get out 🙂 Best of luck !!

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