• If you have been over weight, what is a good way to take off the extra pounds?

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    Over a year ago

    I am having a slight weight issue and I am wishing to find a good way to get these extra pounds off so I can walk my cat more.

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    Over a year ago

    I was going to say the same as @nomeatnodairynoprob1em, go vegan if you’re not already 😉

    I take my cat for walks too although she’s really shy (of everyone and everything except me!) so we never get very far but, as she’s an indoor cat, I like to give her the opportunity to get fresh air, chew cat-safe plants, sniff around and explore. She looks mega-cute in her little coat harness!

    Zumba is a fun way to exercise, so I recommend checking out any local classes near you. For a lower impact exercise, I suggest yoga or pilates.

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    @NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem some cats actually enjoy walks just like dogs. We had one who got really excited everytime he saw his harness and leash lol. He also loved going for rides in the car. I’m pretty sure he was a dog trapped in a cats body.

    @enchantedbeginnings the main rule of losing weight is burning more calories than you consume. is a great website (free, as well) that makes it easy to track how many calories you are consuming and burning on a daily basis, it is also a great way to make sure you are taking in all the necessary nutrients daily, and will tell you the areas you are lacking in 🙂

    Best of luck!

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    Go vegan.
    Makes weight management incredibly easy.

    “so I can walk my cat more”
    Ho does one walk a cat?

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  • Profile photo of Fluffybutt

    Over a year ago

    That is some good advice.

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  • Profile photo of keepTHEfaith

    Over a year ago

    The best advice I can give you is eat right and exercise 🙂 I cut out processed foods (Like tofurky, chips, candy etc.), soda, most salad dressings etc. from my diet 6 days a week. Its good to have one day where you can eat some junk food because it kick starts your metabolism. Eating clean is a great way to loose weight. As a vegan, I’ve found I rely too much on ‘vegan junk food’ like daiya, tofurky, and soygo and as a result, I started to gain weight. Exercise is also important for weight loss. My suggestion is to do weight reps for 15 or so minutes and cardio for 20- 30 minutes. Weight lifting paired with cardio is the easiest way to maximize the calories you burn. Make sure you do exercise in moderation (3 days a week is a good place to start) eat healthy (but don’t starve yourself) and remember weight loss doesn’t happen over night 🙂 Feel free to message me if you need more tips ! I actually just finished up a course on healthy living and it dealt a lot with healthy eating and exercise. Best of luck !

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