• "I'm a vegan but not a preachy vegan"

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve seen vegans say this many times now, so I’d like to comment on it.

    There is nothing wrong with trying to get other people to drop meat & dairy from their diet.
    Most people do not know about the pain, suffering, death and environmental destruction they’re supporting when they consume meat & dairy products.
    Most people also don’t know that they are poisoning themselves by consuming these products.

    Those who drop meat & dairy from their diet are heroes.
    Those who take the next step by teaching others the truth about meat & dairy are super heroes.

    Here’s a related one while I’m at it:

    “Vegans are no different than religious people who push their beliefs on others”

    Religious people push beliefs.
    Vegans share facts.
    It’s not a belief that the consumption of meat & dairy products causes completely unnecessary pain, suffering, death and destruction.

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  • Profile photo of jojoskittlez

    Over a year ago

    I agree with everything you said except for the last bit. Being vegan/vegetarian is a belief. Even though we all share facts, it is still a belief to see all living beings as equals. Not many other people see it that way, unfortunately, so sharing facts is just the same as pushing beliefs on others if they do not want be vegan. It is best to share the facts with those who are interested. That way it will be easier for heroes to become super heroes!

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  • Profile photo of stopthisanimalcruelty99

    Over a year ago

    I think there is a time and place to share things about animal cruelty. I think it’s wrong of us to push and push on someone facts, when they don’t want to listen. However, if they’re willing to listen, then it’s okay.

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  • Profile photo of FAR

    Over a year ago

    I don’t like anyone who is preachy about anything including veg*nism. Which is how a majority of the human population feel too. So even though you think you are doing good for the animals whose lives are at stake you can actually be causing more harm. As it just annoys people and pushes them away from your ideas even farther. I’m only vegetarian and have been for almost 8 years now and support veganism but I don’t go around boasting it very often. Especially to people in my everyday lives. Many people don’t even find out I am vegetarian until we are in an eating situation (half of the time not even then) or until someone else tells them. My boyfriend of over 3 years and all my family are still omnivores too. If someone asks me about my veg*nism or animal rights beliefs I will gladly inform them of whatever they want too know but I generally don’t randomly push it on to people. Online I sometimes push a little more for veg*ism because it isn’t people I have to deal with face to face everyday but I still tread carefully as I said before you can easily turn someone away from the idea.

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  • Profile photo of Sagojyou

    Over a year ago

    Exactly. I’m not preachy; I only explain to the people who have the ears to listen. Others, I let them suffer lol

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    I wholeheartedly agree! When people say they “don’t mind” that other people aren’t vegan as well, it makes me question, “Well then, why are YOU even vegan if you don’t want any change?”

    I think it has to do with a little bit of self-centered thinking: these sorts of people believe that just because they change their personal life, everything is fantastic and they’ve saved the world. But actually doing something for the cause REQUIRES getting others to notice that the cause is there, and the cause is necessary.

    I don’t get called “preachy” or “like a religious zealot” ever because people know me to be an atheist philosophy student specializing in logic. But they still have a hard time accepting truths.

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