• "I'm a Vegan/Vegetarian"

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    Over a year ago

    Something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately in people’s profiles on social networking sites (mainly instagram. I’m a total instagram stalker.) is the statement “I’m a Vegan/vegetarian”
    Like saying they’re both o.O
    I don’t really understand, but it instantly pisses me off every time.
    I mean… you could say you’re vegetarian if you’re vegan, I suppose… but you can’t say you’re vegan if you’re vegetarian.
    It really makes me think those are the people who have “jumped on the bandwagon” so to speak, and don’t really give two craps. They’re just saying it to be… I don’t know. Freaking hipsters.

    What do you guys think?
    We complain about things Omnivores say all the time. Give the tables a turn.

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  • Profile photo of EnchantedBeginnings

    Over a year ago

    I agree, it would be like someone saying they are a vegan while going around eating an egg sandwich, it is two different things all together.
    I am just returning to beging a vegetarian and I know I am no where near being a vegan so there would be no way someone could mistake the two as being one.

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  • Profile photo of DannyJonesMoose

    Over a year ago

    This bugs me too. Veganism and vegetarianism are too very different things.

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    I also went vegan overnight – granted, I basically startled myself into doing it by watching all the horrible videos and reading articles online. It wasn’t until much later that I really started to learn about the health aspects of diet..
    I have no problem with those who feel like they need to crawl. Circumstances and mindsets are different for everyone.
    But there is a difference between making progress and simply lying about what you are doing and what you stand for for the sake of image.

    I am not religious. But if I were considering converting to Christianity, and a pastor told me not to drink but then I ran into him at a bar where he was drinking… you can understand how that would greatly affect my attitude toward it.
    Preaching the benefits of veg*nism/recycling/green lifestyles, what have you, without actually living up to it yourself – it could easily give people the wrong idea about all of it. It makes it seem like none of it needs to be taken seriously.
    While I agree that it is great to get the information out there in whatever way possible, we all need to set good examples for those who are truly interested in living healthier and more compassionate lives.

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  • Profile photo of katiesitton

    Over a year ago

    i have a friend on Facebook who is vegetarian but she will post pics of her food all the time. but she will post like a grilled cheese with #vegan and i like no no no and i know its not vegan cheese cause shell post other things like a salad and post #salad #croutons #cheddarcheese #vegan

    no. lol

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    That video I linked to. (Meat Your Meat)
    After watching that video, I spent a couple of hours learning more truth about animals beings abused and tortured as though they’re not even alive; as though they’re just manufactured, inanimate objects.
    I was incredibly angry. I couldn’t believe humans were actually treating animals like that. I wanted it to stop right away and I instantly began thinking of ways that I could stop it.
    At the very least, I was no longer going to support this horrible pain and suffering through my purchases and consumption.

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