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    Over a year ago

    people who lie about being a vegetarian or vegan. I have been a veggie now for 5 years now and i have worked hard on becoming what i am today and hopefully i will be going on to be a vegan soon ( can’t wait). The one thing that gets on my nerves is people that i know pretend to be a veggie or a vegan at school just to have something in common with me and i’m like dude thats so cool. but then later that day or week i see them munching on mcdonalds or kfc and i start thinking dude why you lie to me, i would have probaly liked you if you weren’t a veggie or a vegan. Does anyone else get this?

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    Over a year ago

    I agree with @hakred, find out why they’re no longer veg*n and see if they need support.

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    Over a year ago

    Perhaps you could use it as a conversation starter and share some information on why they might really want to go veg*n! 🙂

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