• I'm not sure if these animals need my help

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    Over a year ago

    While jogging, I saw two things, and while they both concerned me, I’m not really sure if these animals need my help or not.
    -A cat was curled up by the sidewalk, and I saw that the backs of her ears were red, scaly, and largely hairless, and it looked like there was something reddish running from one of her eyes. Patches of her white fur were a dingy grey, her collar looked really small (but it was definitely a collar, not a bracelet or rubber band), and she seemed pretty tired and apathetic. I coaxed her into standing up for a second, and she sniffed me, but then she laid back down and curled up. I saw her in almost the same spot last week; she wasn’t moving much then either.
    -There’s a house with no cars or anything nearby, and lots of overgrown grass…and I saw three (maybe four) cats hanging around there both times I passed (about an hour’s worth of time). They looked okay from a distance, but I’m worried there could be more or that they might be strays/feral.
    I took pictures of both these things, I just wasn’t sure if I needed to alert the emergency team or not, because I’ve never had a cat and I don’t want to cause an alarm if everything’s actually okay

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