• I’m so desperate for someone..

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    Over a year ago

    So, I’ve been googling for a person who has some common things with me, but I finished all the pages and I couldn’t find. I want someone who’s straight edge and a vegan. In addition to that, the person must somewhat believe in God. Gender and age doesn’t matter. Plus, the person must be serious in the relationship and not playing. Oh, and of course someone with a similar music taste.. mainly into post-hardcore. I’m not asking for too much! Why can’t I find that person? 🙁 Why am I so unlucky? ._.

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    Over a year ago

    peppermintcherry: Umm, it wasn’t supposed to be offensive because I am calling myself a faggot. So, why the Hell would I offend myself? I’m bisexual. So, I am “gay” and I called myself fagg0tisme because I love the band Woe Is Me. So, it’s the same, but just replacing “woe” with “faggot”. So, I’m extremely sorry if you found it offensive :S Anyyways, dating sites like what? I want one where you can put the specifications you want and actually find results. That sucks that I’m asking for too much. I just want somone with a lot of common things with me :”( I’ll just simply give up!

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    Over a year ago

    1) Your username is *extremely* offensive
    2) You can’t get everything you want in someone. I can promise you a dating site exists to find straight edge kids and another for vegans, and probably a third for a combo of both.
    3) You’re actually asking for a lot. Just look for someone who loves and respects your beliefs and choices in life. Seriously, THAT, is what you want. Also, if you stop looking someone WILL appear. Promise

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    Over a year ago

    I think we are made to be together….Im not joking either(:

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