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    Over a year ago

    So I have been thinking about starting another free website and for this one I want the well known animals behind the animal liberation, rights, welfare movement. It can be animals that spent there whole life and died as a result of animal cruelty, or if they were living a horrible life and then were rescued, basically any animal that makes people passionate about the movement. For example a few off the top of my head that I can think of are:

    Tyke – an elephant that lived her entire life in the circus and one day went on a rampage and was shot and killed by police
    Britches – a monkey rescued by the animal liberation front from animal experimentation
    Lennox – a dog taken from his family and killed because of breed-specific legislation
    Double Trouble– a cat used for animal experimentation and killed after the testing

    Again I’m mostly looking for well known animals at least where I can link to enough information and hopefully pictures or videos of the animals. I’m trying to cover all if not most of the animal topics (food industry, entertainment industry, clothing industry, and animal experimentation) as well as varied stories in different parts of those main topics. (At this point I am hoping I’m making sense and not rambling to much) I know many farm animal rescues all have different stories with different types of species. I might add a few of those to help with the variety again as long as I can still link to information and pictures.

    So I need your help in finding more of these types of animals.

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