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    Over a year ago

    For decades or maybe centuries,the definition of Vegetarian in India has been what the rest of the world calls lacto-vegetarian.
    In India,Cows are considered holy,at least by the majority Hindu population.
    So even the thought of hurting a cow doesn’t arise.
    And milk and dairy products is a regular in the daily life of an average Indian.

    I would like to know all your opinions on it! 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    @vasukinv _/\_ Respect man.

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    Over a year ago

    There seems to be a misunderstanding, @VeganCaramel. Some governors from Indian National Congress party try to flatter Muslims and Christians by rejecting the bills that are passed by the government for anti-cow slaughter act and show themselves as though they are heroes. There might be 10-15 Hindus in the country who run (cow) leather factories.
    Example of the state where I live:
    I haven’t posted it from the point of view of a Hindu. As a matter of fact, I consider myself not belonging to any religion at all.

    And about taking milk – we don’t suck milk out of the cow completely using the machines like you do in the Western Countries. Watch this video – – this is the way we take the milk from cow, after letting the calf drink some milk, and letting the calf drink again after extraction. If this system was killing the cows – or causing any problems (like what happened to Dodos because of some greedy Europeans), they would have been extinct hundreds of years ago. We take benefits from cow in the all possible ways, but not by hurting them. They run to you when called without expecting food. We take care of them when they are ill. Sometimes, when they feel like it’s not appropriate time for us to take milk, they kick. We let them alone for that time. Visit India (in a group, for your own security) and visit the villages and see the reality.

    About the article – it seems like what you know is what you heard in media. Esp. some British entities like to write about India in the negative ways and support those who do (Ex: A White Tiger by Aravind Adiga was awarded as Best of Booker, Slum Dog Millionaire got many academy awards, British officials criticized Chandrayan saying India doesn’t even have provided the fundamental facilities to its citizens etc.) The list goes on. So don’t give them a shit – if you still do, you’re going to waste your time.

    Some people find my phrases to be a bit aggressive. Anyway, I don’t mean it. I’ve inherited vegetarianism from the family. Most of you are the ones who have made a great decision to live with a better inter-species coordination (maybe some for health), which is an awesome thing. Love you all.


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    Over a year ago

    yeah i am a pure vegan being an indian it has helped me alot.proud to be an indian..

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    Over a year ago

    As far as I’ve learned on the subject of cows in India, there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance. People elsewhere are told that it is tradition to treat cows as a holy being, and yet the leather industry in India still exists thanks to the common bribery of legal officials.

    What’s more cognitive dissonance is to claim that cows are sacred and yet to exploit them for their milk, and even to the extent of not wondering or caring how the cow’s child will survive without it.

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    Over a year ago

    I think it’d be great to reach out to those “vegetarians” and let them know why hurting all animals is wrong. 🙂

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