• Inspirational Environmentalists/Animal Activists?

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    Over a year ago

    This is a topic to discuss those who have helped you, and to discover more people who may educate us. So who are activists that have influenced or inspired you in some way? Personally for me the biggest influences have been:
    John Muir (conservationist, helped preserve places such as Yosemite)
    Joe Duplantier (vocalist for the band Gojira, got me looking into Sea Shepard and then all of this, also showed me that vegetarianism isn’t something only for pansies.)
    Gary L. Francione (Although somewhat radical for my tastes, he is no doubt a man of logic who has helped convince me to move further into my dietary change)
    And obviously Peter Singer, you should know who he is. That’s it mainly, if I think of or find more I’ll post.

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    Over a year ago

    I see what you are saying about his use of karma rather than directing people to do these things and agree with what you say. It does seem to make more sense when you put it in that context. But on the other hand, I have a very good friend who wears a leather jacket, and I disagree with it completely. But would I ever think, “Wearing a leather jacket, someone should -insert something really bad that I don’t think I can say here- him!”? Never, because that is such an awful thing to even say or picture. If he had just flat out stated something to the effect of “what goes around comes around.”
    I would be completely fine, but to suggest something as disgusting as he did for wearing a fur jacket seems to me as though it would alienate any listener, I know it alienated me when I first heard it. You also make a good point that I thought of, there are many, most likely even a majority of people, that are uneducated to the methods used when acquiring animal fur. These people surely would not deserve the same fate as those who know and just do not pay any mind to it. Please do tell if he replies to said email.
    Where is everyone else on this site? Come on people you have no inspirations?!

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    Over a year ago

    Yourofsky wasn’t saying that we should go out and do such things to these people.
    He was saying that, as far as karma goes, such things are what these people have in store for them.
    In other words, if such things were to happen to these people, he would say to himself “well, they had it coming”.
    Keep in mind that he is trying to be shocking when he says such things.
    He wants people to ask themselves why he would ever say such things.
    He’s hoping they’ll wonder what it is about fur production that could possibly merit such harsh wishes.
    He’s hoping that they’ll look into fur production and learn the truth about it.

    The only problem that I see with his comment about those who wear fur is that he kept the statement very general for impact. Too general.
    There are people who wear fur without having any idea how it’s produced.
    They may never have even though about it, or they may have some bizarre mental image of primitive natives who kill animals for survival and then trade the leftover pelts to white men who make coats out of them.
    Obviously, such people who are clueless about fur production don’t deserve a horrible fate for wearing fur.
    On the other hand, if a person knows the horrible truth about fur production and still chooses to purchase and wear fur, well, that person is deserving of a terrible fate should it befall them.

    Thanks for the link.
    I’ll send him an E-mail reminding him to not speak quite so generally, as he won’t always be present to elaborate/clarify.

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    Over a year ago Here he is quoted saying something quite shocking. I agree with you that we should all speak with one voice, but that is what we must do, speak, violence usually only serves as a determent of our message to me.

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    Over a year ago

    Not sure what you’re referring to. If you have links to their statements, please post them.

    For now, I will say that just being disgusted isn’t a strong enough reaction.
    If it were a beloved family member of yours that was being tortured in a lab, your reaction would certainly be much stronger than just feeling disgust.
    It’s very unfortunate that not all of us are willing to react equally (or at least similarly) strong for those non-family-members who are being tortured in labs.

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    Over a year ago

    Yourofsky has made some interesting comments about things that should happen to people who wear fur, and Lee has also spoken about violence against abusers, but like I said Lee is to a lesser extent. While I agree that people should react in a very disgusted manner to this kind of exploitation against animals, being so outwardly violent to me isn’t very much of a solution. But everyone has their own manners in which they fight for a cause they believe, to each his own I suppose.

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