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    Over a year ago

    What is your favorite part of being an animal activist and what is your least favorite? Why or why not?

    My favorite part of being an animal activist is knowing that a greater future will come to animals who may not have to die and suffer as much. My least favorite thing is knowing all the negative treatment animals everywhere suffer. You can’t unsee certain catastrophes that these animals go through.

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    Over a year ago

    My favourite part is knowing I am ultimately doing some good for innocent souls who can’t speak up against abuse or fight back for their rights.

    My least favourite part is having people think you’re a nut job because speaking up for animals gets you instantly lumped in with the elitist extremist animal rights people. (That and obviously knowing animal abuse still happens is pretty crappy too).

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    I feel obligated to defend these beings who can’t defend themselves against evil humans.
    I hate doing it but I honestly don’t have a choice. It has to be done.
    The sooner this horrible shit ends, the sooner I can have some sort of life of my own.

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