• "Just don't think about it and eat it anyway."

    Profile photo of shelbibelle

    Over a year ago

    At lunch today I was discussing animal rights will a few of my (very amazing) non veg friends. I was explaining what gelatin is and one of my friends said “I just don’t think about it and eat it anyway.”

    I love her to death but that’s exactly the problem. People don’t think. They just pretend that if they don’t think about it, its not true and therefore makes it ok.
    I had that attitude for many many years. I guess one day I couldn’t push those thoughts aside anymore.

    I don’t know. That just really shocked me. I love her but its people like her that are the problem. They chose to look the other way instead of do something.

    I’m proud to say that I refuse to look the other way.

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  • Profile photo of tofu4ever

    Over a year ago

    I totally agree. That’s the root cause of every single one of society’s problems, not just animal rights. People do what they want, pretending that what they do has absolutely no impact on the world around them. We try to shield ourselves from the hurt WE cause, if that makes sense… We live in a self-centered world. We need more people like you to stand up and say, “No. I choose to see. I choose to see what’s really happening. I choose to do something about it.” Good for you, girl!

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  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    Over a year ago

    Not thinking? This is why we have so many problems!

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  • Profile photo of naturegirl

    Over a year ago

    We watched a video once in class when we watched how some slaughterhouses selective breed their cattle with ‘double muscle.’ People were disgusted!

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  • Profile photo of jojoskittlez

    Over a year ago

    For some people, ignorance is bliss. Kudos for wanted to educate yourself and search for the painful truth of society!

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  • Profile photo of StickyMike

    Over a year ago

    Honestly, that could be like someone they bathe with toilet water because they don’t think about what it is or where it comes from.

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    well i love animal!! lol and i love my friends and family! <3

  • graceanderson51

    I have grown up with 7 brothers and sisters. 4 brothers, 3 sisters. I was raised eating animal products, and never once was taught to value animals. When I was 13 years old I did some research for myself and found out the horrible truth's behind the meat industry. Continued my research to this day on concerning topics. Im now an animal activists and have been teaching people about these horrors I've discovered and how we as a group can speak up for these creatures whoo can't do it for themselves.

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    I am a vegetarian! I'm going to make the transition to vegan as soon as I go to college :)

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    I was bullied out of my old school, my only friend was my dog. Now i work with a vet and an animal rescue, ive gone vegetarian, and all i want now is for animals to be treated better.....because i know first hand how cruel and evil humans can be But i wish to find new better friend on here and maybe we can change this world for the better together, so please friend me, and talk to me!

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