• "Just take it off"'

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    Over a year ago

    I’m talking about that moment when you go out with your friends to get a pizza, or your family orders one for dinner tonight. However, you’re full of dismay when they open the box and you realize no one has remembered you and your vegetarian ways. As the pizza is a big round cheese and pepperoni monster. You sigh and can’t hide your dismay as you are pretty hungry. Yet, your family or friends just look at you and roll their eyes or speak untrue apologies as they get a slice for themselves and just reply with “just take it off”
    Now when I was younger I did just take off the meat on my pizza or other food, however now I can’t stand the idea of having that meat on my food the juices embedding in what I’m about to put in my mouth.
    I understand this isn’t vegan. At least not cheese pizza. But I’m not vegan :[
    So what do you do? Because the way I see it.. if you get the slice and take off the meat then it’s just wasted. A death for nothing, am I right?

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    Over a year ago

    Definitely not cool to just take it off…I couldn’t eat anything knowing it involved killing/torturing living beings.
    If you’re at a pizza joint get breadsticks if you can order them without cheese, or sometimes you can get plain bread with olive oil to dip it in if you like that. At home I’ve always got vegan bagels, hummus and tomatoes in the fridge so I can have a quick bagel pizza anytime. :)

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    Over a year ago

    This has happened to me so many times, and I understand how frustrating it can be! So to put an end to it, I made it clear to my family and friends that I would not touch any food that had had meat in/on it. Eventually they got the idea and I made sure I was included in all the decisions about what was for lunch and dinner. Now that I’ve made my dietary choices clear, it’s not a problem anymore.

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  • Profile photo of newyork409

    Over a year ago

    I understand just what you mean. My family always brings home pizza or barbecue and they’ll get me fries. I’m just learning to feed myself. I make sure to keep a variety of fruits and whole wheat breads so I don’t have to go without food. Its going to suck having to watch your family eat a whole “meal” while you make due with snacks but I think we can all agree its much better than the alternative, yes?

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  • Profile photo of teatowls

    Over a year ago

    After not eating it for several years I wouldn’t do that, instead I’d ask for something else even if only a bit of fruit then you can eat something proper later.

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  • Profile photo of stopthisanimalcruelty99

    Over a year ago

    I think if you go long enough refusing to eat that stuff, they’re not going to forget. They’re going to remember that you don’t eat that stuff, and they’ll get you one without it, or another meal. It’s not like they’d want you to starve :) But seriously, it takes time to convince them of this, and if they see that you’ll just pick it off, they’re going to assume you’re okay with it, or that it’s okay for them to continue ordering this stuff without second thought. If you put up a fight long enough…trust me, they won’t forget! (:

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