• "Just take it off"'

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    Over a year ago

    I’m talking about that moment when you go out with your friends to get a pizza, or your family orders one for dinner tonight. However, you’re full of dismay when they open the box and you realize no one has remembered you and your vegetarian ways. As the pizza is a big round cheese and pepperoni monster. You sigh and can’t hide your dismay as you are pretty hungry. Yet, your family or friends just look at you and roll their eyes or speak untrue apologies as they get a slice for themselves and just reply with “just take it off”
    Now when I was younger I did just take off the meat on my pizza or other food, however now I can’t stand the idea of having that meat on my food the juices embedding in what I’m about to put in my mouth.
    I understand this isn’t vegan. At least not cheese pizza. But I’m not vegan :[
    So what do you do? Because the way I see it.. if you get the slice and take off the meat then it’s just wasted. A death for nothing, am I right?

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    Over a year ago

    My mom says that bothers me

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    Over a year ago

    I never did that when i became vegetarian, the thought of the juices being all over what i’m going to eat grossed me out. and I feel if someone is going to get an animal to eat they should atleast not waste it, save it to feed your animals or have someone else eat it.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    Not long after dropping meat from my diet, I did do that.
    I picked the pepperoni off of a few slices of pizza then ate the slices.
    Obviously not a good idea but I quickly realized that and never did it again.

    As far as the concept of ‘wasting’ goes… that was not a concern of mine then and would not be a concern of mine now.
    Nobody needs pepperoni on their pizza for any reason.
    It’s added to the pizza for tradition and flavor.
    The wasting already took place in the form of the unnecessary torture and murder of the animals that the pepperoni came from.

    I could just as easily argue that the least you could do to show some respect for these poor tortured, murdered animals is not get your jollies by chomping down on pieces of flesh torn from their lifeless bodies.

    Think of it this way:
    If another insane race of beings arrived on this planet and tortured & murdered you & your family members, would one of your dying hopes be that these insane beings proceed to derive pleasure from chewing on pieces of your dead body?

    Of course not.

    If there were pieces of human flesh on your pizza, I have a feeling your thoughts would be focused on the murder of that human and not on whether or not you should eat the flesh to prevent ‘wasting’.
    In fact, eating the flesh would probably never even be considered.
    Burying it out of respect for the dead perhaps, but not eating it.
    Try to have that same mentality when food arrives at your table decorated with the flesh of non-humans.

    Always remembers that these animals are not below us and they are not our food, regardless of what this ailing culture and these monstrous corporations would like us to believe.

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    @DrunkTrannyMess Well said! I wouldn’t “just take if off” and my friends/family know that. However there have been a few rare occasions when I’ve had to (e.g. while travelling and knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat for at least another 10 hours).

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    Over a year ago

    Usually when stuff like that happens to me I make my own dinner like a veggie burger and some fruit (:
    I would give the pepperoni to my brother or just leave it in the box for whoever wants it.

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