• killing bugs or insects is bad??

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    Over a year ago

    As part of peta we support animal right but seriously hate bugs or insects. What ate your opinion about this?? I cant be part of peta if I killed bugs?? They have rights? ?

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    Over a year ago

    I think it’s good to respect the fact that they also have a right to live and that killing them because they’re annoying us unfair. It’s better to just relocate them or ignore them unless you really can’t in my opinion

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @k3vin64!

    It’s always best to relocate insects! Never to kill them 🙂 We even sell nifty humane insect catchers here:

    I actually used one the other day to help a lost little beetle who had wandered into our office make it safely to the bushes outside- they work great!

    ~Liz from peta2

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    Over a year ago

    I rarely kill insects (not on purpose, anyway.)
    I have a very severe fear of spiders, and I actually had a pretty bad Yellow-Sac Spider infestation in my house earlier this year. They’re not terrible dangerous, but they are venomous and have been known to be dangerous to children. They’re also quite fast, and they’re one of the few types of spiders who will attack for no reason… You should have seen me panic the first time I was CHASED by a spider… Since I watch my brother’s kids, and since I generally just didn’t want them in the house, I put cloves of garlic on top of all my windows, as they typically keep the corners where the walls meet the ceiling. I also got Lavender essential oil (apparently they hate that,) and sprayed it all over the walls, windows, and doorways. Then, I took an extra “hippie-pagan-earth child step, and had a talk with one of the spiders who lived in the garage. I told them the venomous spiders were more than welcome to continue living in the garage, and the non-venomous spiders were more than welcome to take up residency in the basement. Since they day, I have only found one Yellow-Sac in my house… but it was a young one, so I figured he probably just hadn’t heard about the Peaceful Coexistence Negotiation of 2013 lol. There are plenty of Yellow-Sacs and False Black Widows living in my garage, and tons of Cellar Spiders living in the basement – but none of them are hurting anything/anyone, so there’s no point in trying to get rid of them.
    Spiders need a place to live, too. And a good portion of spiders who end up in houses accidentally wandered in in search of food (especially in the winter.)
    Educating yourself about insects really helps if you’re terrified of something (like spiders >_> <_<)
    I still have a severe phobia, but I've become an expert on spiders in this area, and can quickly identify whether or not they're potentially harmful. If they aren't, I relocate them to the basement. If they are, I relocate them to the garage.
    Something that is also helpful, for -most- insects, is to keep your house clean and tidy (something I'm still working on…) Keeping food and drink cleaned up and stored away helps prevent infestations such as ants and flies. In doing so, you're basically eliminating most of the food source for indoor-spiders. Keeping clutter cleaned up and organized also helps eliminate hiding spaces for many types of spiders.
    I'm fortunate in that mosquitoes aren't attracted to me, for whatever reason.
    I've had the odd problems with wasp nests and beehives. I feel horrible about it, but I do spray the nests and hives if they're close to my house, because I'm terribly allergic to bees and wasps. I wish there were a better way, but I haven't found one.

    In general, insects have no desire to harm us (except spiders like the Yellow-Sac, which are just angry little bastards…) Sometimes they bite or sting us, but they usually do so out of defense. They just want to get on with their lives, like all the rest of us. Killing them because we're afraid, or just don't want them around, is still causing unnecessary death, which is something no person should want to do.

    As far as still being a part of PETA… There are people here with different opinions on all sorts of things. There are meat-eaters who support PETA because of the No Fur, and No Animal Testing campaigns.

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    Over a year ago

    I believe killing any living creature is bad (including plants, but that’s another issue entirely), and insects are no different. Even though insects are not mentioned by PETA, they are highly critical for our planet from things like pollination, helping with soil, etc. One quote that stood out to me was “an insect may be of benefit to us or be regarded as a pest,” especially if they are dangerous. Just like how we educate and interact with animals, the same common sense applies to insects!

    Here are some helpful links:

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    Over a year ago

    It depends on the situation for me.
    If a bug is dangerous and there is a chance it could harm me, my family, or anyone else, I will relocate it or kill it. If I can deem it harmless, it lives (though I might still relocate it).
    I think I have 4 different spiders living in my room in different corners. Each one is a slightly different type, and only one of them is really poisonous, but it would just make someone a little itchy if it bit, so it stays in its little corner and I let it.
    They catch bad bugs!
    It’s mostly about preference, I guess.

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