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    Over a year ago

    So I had no idea where to put this. But I was wondering. Do you guys kill spiders? Because, I can leave small spiders alone. But when they’re really huge I just need them gone, and I’m afraid of them so I can’t just pick them up and put them outside. So I end up killing them, and that makes me feel kind of guilty, but I can’t help it that they scare me. (Also I’m one of the few guys being afraid of spiders, it’s really lame xd)

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t kill spiders. I either leave them where they are or, if I think my cat might chase them, I put them outside.

    If you don’t want to touch them then why not use a cup and a piece of card to catch them? Or there are other humane devices you can use to trap and release insects without having to touch them (my mum has a spider catching device on the end of a long stick so she doesn’t even have to go near them).

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