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    Over a year ago

    I have a question for you all is your kindness restricted to the animals of your region, state or country or you extend it to any animal suffering in any corner of the world.
    Well I have been recently targeted negatively for asking a welfare organisation sheltering rescued dogs if they use their funds for rehoming or sheltering homeless animals strayed after getting hit by a natural disaster in their areas. I was taken aback by the amount of hate messages I received after posting that, people used dirty words for me for scheming to whack off the money they are donating. If I want I should do fund raising only in my area, I have no right on money they have raised for their country’s animals.
    I believe it is always good to help our own neighbourhood first but extending a hand of help never hurt anyone.
    I am basically an Indian and irrespective of my nationality and zero connection with Japan I have been constantly organising fund raising programs for “Japan Emergency Animal Rescue and Support” after the tragic Tsunami, with a feeling that poor dogs out there homeless, shocked, confused and scared need every kind of support in such hard moment.

    I have a boundary less compassion for helping animals, I wonder how many of my other PETA mates share it with me.

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