• Kittens and Mommy :(

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    Over a year ago

    My little sister’s dad got a kitten a while back. I tried to convince him to get her fixed, but he never did. Well, she got pregnant and had her kittens just fine. This was her first litter, and she is only about 7 or 8 months. All 4 of the kittens were all very healthy and living on the side of the house, then today one went missing, so we moved them into the carport. They are only 2 weeks old, so they aren’t wondering off too far yet. I am going to go to his house tomorrow to try to find the kitten, hopefully I can find it. The big issues that come to my mind is 1) Midnight (the mom) needs to be fixed, 2) the kittens need to go to a safe home, and 3) the owner isn’t even sure that he wants Midnight, so trying to find her a home.

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