• Lets Make "Hug A Vegan Day" The Funnest Day EVER!

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    Over a year ago

    As you guys know, Hug A Vegan Day is fast approaching. What better way to spread the word and celebrate than by becoming active?

    To make HAVD the most fun day of the year we need to have a lot of people involved, correct? Here’s what we need to do. Use our voices!

    I started a petition asking my local officials to make “Hug A Vegan Day” a state-wide holiday, and you can too. It’s fast and simple. Just click this link to get started (https://www.change.org/campaigns/hug-a-vegan-day).

    Take a look at mine as an example, (sign it while you’re at it, if you can) and start your own!

    Lets do this guys!

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