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    Over a year ago

    Herbie is a dog that was found starved, beaten, and left for dead in Lorain, Ohio. He was rescued and is doing much better putting on weight, visiting the vet, feeling better etc. He is currently being taken care of by Doc ( Though now we know Herbie has terminal cancer. They also still have no idea who got away with doing these terrible things to Herbie. Here are some local news videos on Herbie

    Last night there was a candle light vigil in support of Herbie as well as just to raise awareness about animal abuse and the laws in Ohio etc. Though since there are many people all around the world basically that has fell in love with Herbie Nitro Foundation decided to hold an online candle ceremony where anyone and everyone could light a candle for Herbie.
    So anyone who wants to can still go join the event and post their pictures or otherwise show support Herbie. A volunteer will be making a video of the pictures. Also add your location to the Herbie’s Candle Map that I put together.
    Also I have posted about them before but if you haven’t already especially if you live in Ohio you should definitely go and like the Nitro Foundation page. They are working on toughing the laws against animal abuse in Ohio as well as always being up to date on local abuse cases and showing support for those animals.

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