• "Love"? How would you respond?

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    Over a year ago

    One of the saddest things I’ve heard from people is “meat eaters can love animals, too” (often accompanied with “well, if you just participate in meatless mondays, you’re doing enough!”)

    I mean, since when does love equal murder? Since when does “I love my cat” mean “I love animals”? There are other animals out there and just because someone is nice to their pet does not mean you’re an “animal lover”. Love, compassion? These things are held by people who wouldn’t needlessly kill and exploit others for a snack, a piece of clothing, or some entertainment.

    How do you respond to these sorts of people?
    How do you get them to see that a meat eater (or anyone who exploits animals through other means, like leather, dairy, etc.) can’t really say they “love animals”?

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    Over a year ago

    Oh gosh don’t even say that that is the biggest lie ever!! (Okay, anger’s out)

    Man, I HATE when people say that!! It’s like “If you love kids, would you beat them to a point where you kill them?” Maybe people think animals and humans are different. Hmmm…

    And also, apparently pigs/chickens/turkeys/cows are different from cats/dogs/birds. But wait, chicken’s a bird, right? So should they even be separated? Again, hmmm…

    How do I respond? By saying “but you wouldn’t eat your cat/dog”. One vegetarian girl got all mad over this and she thought I was crazy for her “not doing enough”. And a different veg girl supported her and said “it’s okay”, when she was the president of the Animal Club at our school!

    Because I never had a real close animal companion, I don’t really know what it feels like to have a dog or a cat. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with them or cows/pigs freezing out in the cold and being tortured. I’m vegan because I think every animal deserves to live. And saying that usually makes them shut up 😉

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  • Profile photo of AislynnCarver

    Over a year ago

    Yeah, I dont know how someone could say they love animals, then they are willing to eat them. They’re totally contradicting themselves

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t think that is true for everyone. If someone buys meat that does not mean they are killing the animal. That animal will be dead if someone buys that meat or not and eventually someone will end up buying that meat for many reasons. But for some people that buy meat, if you gave them a choice they can buy the meat but the catch is you have to kill it yourself… there will be some people that will rather have non meat then meat if they actually had to kill it themselves. There is always other views and points to a lot of this, and really there is no wrong or right answer but someone can always argue with what other people say & it doesn’t give neither of them the choice to decide what answer is better or right.

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    “I don’t think it’s right at all to say that someone who eats meat can’t truly love animals.
    I would agree more with a statement like “those who -KILL- animals can’t truly love them” ”

    By paying for animals to be killed, we are killing them.
    We are only distancing ourselves from the reality of the situation by saying otherwise.
    Loving some animals is not loving all animals. An “animal lover” that pays for animals to die should specify that they love some animals and wish torture upon the rest.

    I think it’s very important not to let animal abusers get away with thinking “animal lover” is a correct term for how they feel. “Cat lover”, “dog lover”, or “pet lover”, but not “animal lover”.

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  • Profile photo of Muachi

    Over a year ago

    You ask the right question, ’cause this kind of people is everywhere…
    I’m volunteering for the SPCA in the exotic department and I can tell you that I meet a lot of jerks…
    They come to adopt a dog and when they passed by the exotic room, they just say something like “oh! look at all those bunnies! why don’t they just free them in the wild?” or “ew… I’m more cats and dogs.” or just some stupid animal breeder who comes to find a beautiful rabbit for rabbit-farming.

    I mean…yeah, some meat eaters can actually love animals, but they are not loving enough or just loving the wrong way, like a hunter who loves his dogs, but kills other animals for fun.
    I think that what you can say to them is by telling then the similarities of the animals by comparing it to the humans, for example: baby elephants grabs their parent’s tail so they won’t get lost. It’s the same thing as a human child. Give lots of examples like this so they can see that the only difference between wild animals and our cats and dogs is just the fact that cats and dogs are domesticated, so we are closer to them compared to a tiger or a giraffe…

    Normally I will not try to argue with those people because they will try to give themselves a good conscience by saying nonsense and some just what to have the last word. You can try to tell them that every animal deserves to be treated as a living being and not a stock for merchandise, but they will not agree with you right away. They are like a child that hasn’t opened his eyes yeet to see what’s going on around him.

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