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    Over a year ago

    One of the saddest things I’ve heard from people is “meat eaters can love animals, too” (often accompanied with “well, if you just participate in meatless mondays, you’re doing enough!”)

    I mean, since when does love equal murder? Since when does “I love my cat” mean “I love animals”? There are other animals out there and just because someone is nice to their pet does not mean you’re an “animal lover”. Love, compassion? These things are held by people who wouldn’t needlessly kill and exploit others for a snack, a piece of clothing, or some entertainment.

    How do you respond to these sorts of people?
    How do you get them to see that a meat eater (or anyone who exploits animals through other means, like leather, dairy, etc.) can’t really say they “love animals”?

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    Over a year ago

    Anyone who wasn’t born and raised vegan WAS one of those people at some time.
    I was.
    I can honestly say I felt the exact same way about animals then as I do now.
    I -LOVED- them and still do.
    But I was oblivious to everything that is required to put a piece of steak on my table. I just didn’t know. When I found out, I went vegan.

    So I think it completely depends on the situation.

    My mom is an animal lover. She truly loves animals. She has rescued and rehomed so many, I lost count ages ago. She puts them before herself, and would rescue any type of animal (We’ve taken in bats, moles, mice, wild birds, pretty much everything short of jungle animals). She has tried many times to go vegan, but always fails.
    I don’t think that means she doesn’t love animals. She was just raised to disassociate the piece of meat on her plate with the live being that it came from (as most people were raised to do), and so when she fails, that is what she does.
    If she were to take in a cow, it would probably stop her from eating beef. Same with pigs and chickens.

    I don’t think it’s right at all to say that someone who eats meat can’t truly love animals.
    I would agree more with a statement like “those who -KILL- animals can’t truly love them”

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    Over a year ago

    Yeah I think people who eat meat can still love animals all animals even the ones they eat ! Call me crazy I don’t care, it’s just how I feel. The people that dedicate their lives to rescuing animals that could end up risking their own life, that’s love & some of them don’t even get paid for it . Like some of the animal police I saw guys go into a deep tunnel full of mud to save a pup, that most likely was going to die because it was a newborn . But he went in anyway risking his own life on line. When you are willing to risk your life for an animal whether you eat meat or not you can love animals. Even doing something for a cow in that matter, and still eat beef can still mean you love a cow because if you didn’t you let that cow out of danger it could have gotten serious hurt. But people who love animals and are vegan and do the activities to help them love them too duh, but in a better way. But love is love and you can’t really judge what people’s love is if your not in their shoes & in their mind.

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    Over a year ago

    When I was little I didn’t consider eating meat cruel, nor animal skins. But now I’m educated on how animals are treated I changed my ways. There are hunters that say they “love” animals although they kill them, I try not arguing with them because it often results in a headache. I usually ask if they have a pet, if they say yes then I ask if they would eat them too.(:

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    Over a year ago

    If you know they’re afraid of spiders and are one of those people who stand there screaming “KILL IT!” then you can use that and remind them spiders are animals too.

    I like LittleLotte’s one as well, that’s pretty good and could would for people who like keeping stuffed animal or trophy heads in the house.

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    I normally respond with “Do you love your parents/kids?” and when they say “Of course” then I ask if they’d eat them too!

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