• Lunch with friends parents?

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    Over a year ago

    So I’m going to lunch on Saturday with my best friend/dude I’m secretly in love with :/ and his mother and all of her friends. I’ve only met her a few times but she does like me a lot. He knows that I’m a vegetarian (6 years, working on vegan) and he supports me completely and I’m sure his mom will feel the same. So I’m not worried about that. The problem is that I am an EXTREMELY picky eater. I pretty much just live off of salad and veggie ramen. I’ve never really been out to eat with people other than my family and I’m really nervous. I don’t want them to think I’m crazy or high strung or anything. I’m not sure where we’re either. So does anyone know of any safe vegetarian friendly foods I could find most places that won’t me seem weird (I don’t think they would appreciate me just having a salad.) to them? And any other tips you have to offer! Thanks!!

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    Over a year ago

    Thank you so much! All of those suggestions sound super tasty! And I will make sure to ask where we will be eating. Nom nom nom! Thanks everyone 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @emilypenelope,

    You can find vegan options at pretty much every restaurant! Check out our super helpful guide for eating vegan at restaurants: 🙂

    Also–I hope everything works out with your crush! 😀

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    There’s nothing wrong with salad.
    But a good idea is to find out where you will be eating at.
    And maybe check online to look at a menu.
    Or call and ask for vegetarian options.

    Most places have mozzarella sticks which are breaded cheese sticks which is vegetarian, maybe pasta, pizza, a veggie burger and fries? Soup?
    Perhaps you can just get a sandwhich if they would let you (maybe call for that)
    avocado, cheese, veggies?
    mashed potatoes, corn, fries, although you dont want to just get that as a meal
    O.o that might look bad. if you just got fries.

    and hey I’m a six year vegetarian tooo 😀

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