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    Over a year ago

    I haven’t eaten meat in a couple months now. Well I got strep, so I didn’t know what to eat that was soft, so I ate jello, and mashed potatoes. Well, I’m doing better now. But out of the blue, I made chicken flavored Ramon Noodle! I don’t know why! So I make it, take it to my room, and sit down. I don’t think I realized what it was until I was about to eat it, but I walked back into the kitchen and dumped it out 🙂 I would of never done that a few months ago!! 😀

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    Over a year ago

    Ohohoh, you could also eat pudding. 🙂 When I got my tonsils out I lived on pudding, potato leek soup (it’s like a ‘cream of’ soup without the milk) and almond milk. I reverted to being a normal vegetarian then because it was rather hard to eat soft stuff that didn’t contain citrus or burn my throat, but it is possible not to. (that was 2 years ago.)

    Congrats, though! Just cut out the jello and you’ll be golden. 😉 haha. Mashed potatoes are great, but expand your horizons! Add some mushroom gravy for some extra texture. Omnomnommm!

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  • Profile photo of silencescreams

    Over a year ago

    As Dagmar stated jello is not vegetarian but check out:

    Also some instant soups that are chicken use unnatural flavoring so they are actually vegetarian but make sure to check the ingredients.

    Vegetarian very digestible foods to eat when sick: popsicles, drink tea, soft soup or soup broth (cambell’s tomato soup, amy’s pea soup), juice, gingerale, soda crackers, sherbet (again just check the ingredients because some contain milk ingredients)

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

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  • Profile photo of Sara-W

    Over a year ago

    Hey @karese!

    That’s awesome! Oriental top ramen is vegan and I eat it mixed with peanut butter and Sriracha hot sauce pretty much every other day haha. Let us know if you have any fave veg recipes you’d like to share! 🙂

    ~Sara W. from peta2

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  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    Over a year ago

    Congrats that is great to know. I do want you to know though that Jello is gelatin which is made from the bones of animals. Keep it strong! 😀

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