• Making the best vegan ice cream?

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    Over a year ago

    I received an ice cream maker for Christmas ^___^
    But my problem is that I’d like more ice cream-like textures rather than a frozen yogurt or frosty ice treat. Regular soy milk obviously has an average fat content, but I need something a little creamier to get a better ice cream texture.
    Soy creamer is doubly expensive and only comes in tiny cartons – it would remove the cost efficiency of me making my own ice cream in the first place.
    Hemp milk, which has twice the fat content usually, has gone up in price at my regular stores.

    I’m basically looking for a way to get the cheapiest but creamiest milk substitute – if you know how, or have made your own vegan ice cream before, please help me out!

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    You could also try making your own almond or soymilk (So you can make it as creamy as you like) but that’ll add at least an extra hour onto your ice-cream-making-process

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  • Profile photo of Sara-W

    Over a year ago

    Hey @VeganCaramel,

    Have you tried using canned coconut milk? You can find them anywhere, but they’re especially cheap at Asian grocery stores. Just make sure to get the full fat versions and not the light varieties! 🙂

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