• McDonald's To Open It's First All-Veg Restaurant

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    Over a year ago

    From the vegnews website:

    “Due to high demand for vegetarian meals in India, the restaurant chain will be opening a meat-free establishment.

    Fast-food giant McDonald’s will be opening its first fully vegetarian restaurant in India, BBC News reports. Although best known for its beefy burgers, the chain—which is the second-largest food outlet in the world, after Subway—is responding to high demand for meatless meals from Indian customers. India’s large contingency of Hindu and Muslim citizens, who do not consume beef and pork, respectively, is one of the major reasons for the company’s decision to go vegetarian for the first time. The restaurant will open near Amritsar in northern India in mid-2013, with plans in the works for another vegetarian outlet in Kashmir, near a tourist-heavy Hindu pilgrimage site.”

    THAT is so cool! 😀 I wish that’d happen in the US!

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  • Profile photo of Serephene

    Over a year ago

    Wow! What a surprise! Awesome!

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  • Profile photo of AlleyC

    Over a year ago

    Whoa! 😀 That’s really cool! I know it’s all because of profit, but think about it: It’s PROFITABLE for MCDONALDS to go veg! Pretty cool! ;D

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  • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

    Over a year ago

    Just because they offer these vegetarian items dosen’t mean a thing. The money will end up being used to buy and slaughter more animals. I really hope the Hindus that are thinking about going I this establishment will rethink it. It would violate Hindu morals to support a company that slaughters not just cows but all animals, regardless of their money ends up in McDonald’s hands

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  • Profile photo of Animefreak77

    Over a year ago

    wow really mcdonalds really? They are probably doing it for money since they dont even care about the way they kill there meat in their other stores.

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  • Profile photo of silencescreams

    Over a year ago

    That is great but I am sure the reason is concerning profit and not affecting how their other establishments are run.

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