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    Over a year ago

    So last weekend I went to my boyfriend’s uncle’s engagement party. During this they had caterers, they were constantly serving some kind of meat, mini hot dogs, chicken salad, etc. I was so hungry I was look for anything meatless.. Finally i saw something good, it looked like a little roll with asparagus and beans. BUT when I bit into it, it wasn’t beans it was meat! I didn’t tasted any meat until i swallowed it! I asked the caterer to be sure it was meat, turns out it was chicken. I was so upset with myself for the rest of the day, I could stop thinking about the defenseless chicken.

    I decided to share this to get some comfort from my peta friends and ask anyone else for their accidental meat eating stories, I’m curious to hear them!

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  • Profile photo of cowisnotaninsult.itsananimal

    Over a year ago

    don’t beat yourself up over it. I once tried to eat tuna and then spat it out, it was worse though because I did it knowingly. I hated myself for ages. I figure that if you don’t know, it isn’t your fault :)

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    Over a year ago

    Don’t be afraid to ask if they’re serving anything that fits your dietary needs! :)

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  • Profile photo of SkiVegChick

    Over a year ago

    dont worry-we all do it! :) for years ive been eating marshmellows not realized they have gelatin in them, and same goe with chips ahoy (they have lard in them tho-not gelatin)

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  • Profile photo of chenli

    Over a year ago

    Only time it happened to me was in a chinese restaurant where a little bit of chicken was on my plate.

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  • Profile photo of keepTHEfaith

    Over a year ago

    It’s happened to me as well, my mum made porgies and I ate about two before I noticed that they tasted odd- turns out it was pork (yuck!) and the other week, my mum brought me home some truffles to try (chocolate ones) I ate one and then decided to check the ingredients (she said they were milk free!!!) turns out they weren’t :p No sense in beating yourself up about it, it happens to all of us. Just remember how much good your doing for the animals :)

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    well i love animal!! lol and i love my friends and family! <3

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    I have grown up with 7 brothers and sisters. 4 brothers, 3 sisters. I was raised eating animal products, and never once was taught to value animals. When I was 13 years old I did some research for myself and found out the horrible truth's behind the meat industry. Continued my research to this day on concerning topics. Im now an animal activists and have been teaching people about these horrors I've discovered and how we as a group can speak up for these creatures whoo can't do it for themselves.

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    I am a vegetarian! I'm going to make the transition to vegan as soon as I go to college :)

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    my mom died when I was young, I live with my terrible father. and Now I'm a vegetarian.

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