• Melissa Bachman

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    Over a year ago

    Hello there. Today I came across a horrible human named Melissa Bachman. I couldn’t find anything about her on the boards or around the site and was wondering if you could post some awareness about her or please link me to where she’s mentioned on your site.

    She is a hunter of all animals and is PROUD to have all her Facebook profile pictures be of her and dead animals she’s slaughtered. https://www.facebook.com/melissabachman/about?ref=ts
    That is her Facebook page. Thanks!

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    Over a year ago

    @Moobunny I read about her a couple months ago here: http://enpundit.com/outrage-sparked-melissa-bachman-posts-photo-lion-kill-online/ and I was completely shocked someone thinks hunting is sport. A link to her website can be found there for her bio and other information.

    There were a number of petitions asking for her videos and images to be removed, as well as her show to stop being broadcasted, both of which were met with success:
    (1) Remove ALL Melissa Bachman’s Videos From youtube:
    (2) Stop the Melissa Bachman show from broadcasting!:

    HOWEVER, there are AMAZING people like this in the world: “This Is Why Wildlife Photographers Make The Best Parents”
    http://enpundit.com/wildlife-photographers-make-best-parents/ :)

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    Over a year ago

    If people are going to write on her FB wall then just be careful what you say: be polite otherwise it could be considered harassment, plus you’ll make AR activists look like horrible people.

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    • Profile photo of Moobunny

      Over a year ago

      Thanks very much – I appreciate all the information.
      I was so utterly appalled, I didn’t know what to say.
      I hope something gets done about her soon.

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      • Profile photo of Sabrina08

        Over a year ago

        Definitely! One very positive thing was that the National Geographic responded about the whole situation stating, “The National Geographic Channel has carefully considered the public discussion of our series on surviving the wilds of Alaska currently in production and premiering sometime next year. Upon further reflection we plan to eliminate one of the survivalists from the ensemble cast, Melissa Bachman. Hunting is not the focus of the show, and we regret the misinformation that has clouded what we hope will be an exciting adventure series set in the incredible Alaskan landscape.”

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