• Milk in my food:(

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    Over a year ago

    For about half the time I’ve been vegan (a little over 4 months) my mom has made chocolate mousse. She swore that it was vegan, and told me the only ingredients were dark chocolate (I checked the package to make sure it was vegan) and coconut milk. Today, after I ate a bite of it she told me that it has Godiva chocolate liqueur in it, which is not vegan because it contains milk. This was very upsetting to me because I feel like all this time I thought I was vegan, but really I wasn’t. It’s even harder on me because recently I used some salad dressing and had only after realized that it had milk in it, and I was already very upset over that happening once. I only had like a spoonful or two of the chocolate mousse like 5-8 times, but I still feel horrible about it. I feel like the biggest part about myself (me being vegan) was never even true. I feel unhealthy and disgusted, and I feel like I’m a worse person than I thought because I let it happen and because I know I should’ve been more careful..

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    11 months ago

    Hey, no one is perfect. Everyone slips up, and these slip-ups weren’t entirely even your fault. The only way you really know is if you eat raw veggies all the time–even cooked veggies could have butter. And sometimes, you will run into people who don’t know what a vegan is. Put it in perspective–you consumed a tiny bit of cow’s milk by mistake–I’ll bet the majority of people you know eat meat, eggs, and dairy all the time. Once we win this war, there will be no accidental slip-ups because there will be no hidden ingredients.

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    11 months ago

    Dear Sarrie,
    First I want to know from you that why we want to become a Vegan??
    The answer is we don’t want to hurt any animals.
    If i am right, then if you drink cow milk then it is not painful for cow because A cow gives 10 to 20 liters milk per day and it is much more for a calf.
    If you drink cow milk then you don’t violate the rule of vegan.
    In INDIA, we respect cow like a mother because our mom feed milk us in childhood and also cow gives us milk in own life.
    In India, Milk is a vegan product and according to #Indianculture, A vegan may drink milk. So, feel free to drink milk…

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    Over a year ago

    Hey, @sarrie, don’t beat yourself up! I’m sure most vegans you’d ask would have similar stories to tell. I’ve got some of my own! You’ve got this, no worries. It’s a learning experience. :)

    – Hanna

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    Don’t beat yourself up about it, even long-term vegans make similar mistakes. I used to buy a certain brand of tinned chick pea curry because it was vegan (and tasty!) then they changed the recipe to include milk and I didn’t realise until a couple of months later!

    Just think: you’re doing so much for animals, much more than a lot of people, so it’s ok to have minor “slip ups”, the animals forgive you 😉

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    • Profile photo of sarrie

      Over a year ago

      Thanks for your support, it means a lot. It’s just been stressing me out more lately because if feel like there have been so many mistakes

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