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    On peta2, many things are discussed. Like how animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, for entertainment, to abuse…. To me, it seems to be missing one. Even though all of these aspects are huge, and peta is making a difference… it seems like we are missing a piece: habitat. The animals talked about here are things like chickens, cats, dogs, bunnies, lambs, monkeys, elephants etc. But the animals like polar bears, pandas, orangutans are suffering too. These animals are helpless and innocent… but greedy humans are ripping their home away leaving them alone. These creatures need out help. Do you think that this should be a subject in peta2? Petitions, letters, protests, challenges, everything could be a part of it? What do you think?

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    I am proud to be weird! My pride and joy is Popsicle, my precious baby, a Blue-tongued Skink. (Sub-species: Irian Jaya) Popsicle and I spend hours together each day, I take him outside and around the house! He goes to the bathroom outside, (potty-trained, whooo!) and explores as he pleases. I let him on my head and in my bed, I do not fear Salmonella and kiss him liberally. He recognizes me, and whenever I drop my hand into his tank he crawls on for an adventure! I also love my kitty and dog, but Popsicle is my most devoted animal companion! :)

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    Hello! My name is Lindsay. I'm 19 years old. I recently decided to go vegan and live a happy healthy life. I am also a huge animal rights activist. I am very down to Earth, Hippy, Metal Head, and I am on here to help animals and make new friends!

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