• Mom won't let me go vegan!

    Profile photo of yourxgorgeousxnightmare

    Over a year ago

    At the moment, I am a vegetarian, but I would love to go vegan. My parents are really supportive on my decision to be a vegetarian, but they won’t let me go vegan! They don’t think that I can stay healthy. Any tips on staying healthy and convicing my parents? Also, share your stories of difficult parents against your vegetarianism/veganism.

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    Over a year ago

    Refuse to eat meat! What are they going to do? Cram it down your throat!?! Tell them it is discusting, cruel and unhealthy.

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  • Profile photo of RyanneFlorence

    Over a year ago

    Great choice wanting to go vegan! I just recently became vegan abount 2 1/2 weeks ago, and my mom is doing it with me, but I still have a similar problem; we can’t convince my step-dad that its a good choice!

    I have been doing a lot of research and I found the book:’The No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights’, by Catherine Grant to be very helpful! It has a lot of information and quite a few times it quotes PETA’s statistics, so you know its reliable! If you want to know more about where your meat comes from and what they do to animals in labs; animals in entertainment and in fashion, then read that book! You can definitely teach them some things they wouldnt know, and it will support your case!

    As for health, make sure to eat a lot of beans and nuts. since they have a lot of protein! I also take vitamin D caplets to get extra vitamin D, which every person in the world should be taking! Green veggies and dark fruits, such as blueberries and pomegranates are full of antioxidants, which your body needs and is really helpful for your immune system!

    Lastly, dont try to fight your parents, work with them and slowly get to them until they cave. The way I started veganism was I was only eating 1 meal (or less, if possible) a day with animal products or byproducts, and I was being very cautious beofre my mom decided to go vegan with me!

    Goog Luck!

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  • Profile photo of SkiVegChick

    Over a year ago

    sameee. im so scared to ask again tho cuz last time they blew up and said if im vegan im not allowed under this roof.

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    Over a year ago

    Mine would’nt either. Then I was lactose intollerant, wink wink.

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    They can’t make you eat something you don’t want to eat.
    Simply refuse to eat anything with animal products in it.

    As far as staying healthy goes, it’s pretty much using common sense. Eat fruits, veggies, grains, seeds, nuts – and make sure you eat enough of all of it in balance so that you are getting enough calories, protein, and vitamins.
    If they approve of you being vegetarian but not vegan, ask them what they think will be missing from your diet as a vegan, then show them where you would get it in a vegan diet

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