• My animal companions and a baby skunk

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    Over a year ago

    I was outside with my mother and my 2 dogs, who I love more than most things! It was night, and a baby skunk tried to run away from our house. My dogs attacked and killed it, and my mother and I think that this was from the same family of skunks that they scared a few weeks ago. They were sprayed, and smelled awful!
    Now I don’t know whether to be mad at them for killing one of the most precious creatures I’ve ever seen, or be proud of them for reaching something they’ve been trying to do for weeks.
    Either way, i know they’re dogs and don’t know any better, but it still made me really sad. My mother and I even went over to it and checked it for life… I’m really upset by this.
    Any thoughts?

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    Over a year ago

    Don’t be mad at your pups, as they were acting on instinct. I understand why you’re upset, I likely would be as well. It’s never a happy scenario for me to see an animal killed. I think it’s best to forgive your dogs and move on from it as best as you can. I’m sorry that you had to experience this.

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    well i love animal!! lol and i love my friends and family! <3

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    I have grown up with 7 brothers and sisters. 4 brothers, 3 sisters. I was raised eating animal products, and never once was taught to value animals. When I was 13 years old I did some research for myself and found out the horrible truth's behind the meat industry. Continued my research to this day on concerning topics. Im now an animal activists and have been teaching people about these horrors I've discovered and how we as a group can speak up for these creatures whoo can't do it for themselves.

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    I am a vegetarian! I'm going to make the transition to vegan as soon as I go to college :)

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    I was bullied out of my old school, my only friend was my dog. Now i work with a vet and an animal rescue, ive gone vegetarian, and all i want now is for animals to be treated better.....because i know first hand how cruel and evil humans can be But i wish to find new better friend on here and maybe we can change this world for the better together, so please friend me, and talk to me!

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