• My mom won't let me go vegan.

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    Over a year ago

    I’m a vegetarian, but my entire family eats meat. My mom is fine with me not eating meat, but she refuses to let me go vegan. She says things like “you need your dairy, too expensive, I’d have to make you completely different meals, ect.” (I already make most of my food) If she doesn’t change, I’ll wait until I’m an adult, but I would really prefer to do it soon! Any ideas???

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    Over a year ago

    and she is going to stop you how? If you make your own meals it will not make a difference to her. Plus you can get soy milk even at the dollarama for a dollar which is cheaper then milk so it is less expensive. It is easy to make vegan meals, perhaps make some for her and show her how easy it is. Also, point out that vegan milks such as almond milk has more protein and way less calories. Also mention that for a cup of milk there is an eyedropper amount of puss in it and you can not even absorb the calcium of milk unless there in vitamin d put in it. You can also mention that it is unnatural to have milk products defiantly past the age of 3 (I would say less) and that it contains natural chemicals it is to help the calf stay year so thats while milk products can be so addictive. Also cheese is full of fat and not that good for you. You can say how you are already half way there and that the dairy industry is often just as bad as the meat industry and they usually end up slaughtering the animals too. If you do not wish to support the genocide of animals that the meat industry brings and it goes against your moral values do not let anyone tell you do otherwise.

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    Over a year ago

    I had that problem when I lived at home, so I started cooking my own meals, cooking on occasion for everyone, and buying my own substitutes. I always got comments like “This would be better if it had meat in it”, but at least I proved to my mom that you can go veg and not have to pay out more.

    Your best option is to find some recipes online as well as some dietary facts so your mom won’t be worried about your health. You could then try and work out a shopping list with her, and offer to cook for the family.
    If she won’t change the shopping list and buy substitutes (if you want substitutes) your best bet is to just buy them yourself if you have any income?
    Hope something is worked out soon! :3

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    Over a year ago

    It’s not like she can force you not to be vegan..who cares what she thinks? Do it anyways, you know whats right!

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  • Profile photo of suzeii

    Over a year ago

    Do your research :) Make her a powerpoint or a paper that states why going vegan is the healthiest and most humane choice. If she sees that you are passionate about it and you truly want to do this and want her support, then she will eventually accept

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    What do you mean… “refuses”? Just tell her you’re going vegan. It’s not like you’d let her dictate who your friends are, what you wear, what music you listen to. Why are you letting her decide whether or not you support animal cruelty? That’s your decision, not hers.

    You can show her all the facts, but in the end you just have to make that step regardless, and if she truly loves and respects you she won’t punish you for it.

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