• My Neighbor might of SHOT and KILLED My Rooster.

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    Over a year ago

    My cousin who lives across the street has chickens, and there was a fighting rooster that would kill the other roosters he had so he had to get rid of it, so he released it into our yard, (I live with parents) and it stayed and became our pet, a year almost has went by with no problems, we fed it and it slept in a tree behind our house. I live in TN and there is a lot of forest and fields, the only neighbor we have is next door that moved in about two years ago or less before that it was my great aunt who didn’t cause an disturbance. anyways, about a week ago the neighbor, who we have no contact with or wish to, ( household/family is a mind your own business kind of people and keep to themselves, ourselves) they went to the local gas station which our cousins wife works at complaining about how a rooster was waking them in the morning, they have chickens and the last couple months our rooster figured that out and has been going to and from their yard hanging out with their female chickens. we do not keep it trapped up as the fighting rooster can protect itself and be free. our cousins wife didn’t make a big deal out of it and word got around to my parents that the neighbors had told her that it was waking them. well, a few days after that the rooster just up and disappeared. the neighbors shoot sometimes, (we are not use to it as they are the first real neighbors we have had to deal with) and the day we went somewhere, and my mom stayed home, (neighbors prob thought she left with us, like they saw the vehicle leave or something) my mom was on the phone with her sister who lives right across the street from the neighbor next to us and she said she heard shooting. well the rooster never showed that night, or any night after, its been over a week and no rooster, its usually out and about around out house and yard, recently along with the neighbors chickens too. other than coyotes, there is nothing I believe that would be able to kill it. the nighbors has had multiple problems with my aunt who lives across from them but never before us as we keep to ourselves. I just know they had to of shot it. my mom and dad also believe that is what happened. there is no proof, but it has to be what happened, and im sickened. I was not close with the rooster but considered it a pet, I have always wanted a pet chicken and was happy when the rooster came along and stayed. it was a joy to watch and take care of knowing that I was able to provide it with a happy free life rather that it being caged its whole life. anyways, it angers me that the neighbors could have shot and killed it, that they think its okay to do such I thing. I understand that people in tn see chickens as nothing but irritations that provide food and eggs, but that is not the case for the rooster we had. even my redneck like parents like the thing despite its crowing in the A.m. I tried to get my parents to call and ask the neighbors if they have seen it and see what their reaction might be, but they don’t want to start nay drama with them. my aunt is already in basically a war with them, she calls the cops on their horses which constantly break free and go into her yard and road. I agree the last thing we need it to start things, but Im sooo upset that they could of killed the poor rooster. that they think it would be okay to take the life of the creature because it woke them, not even contacting us to ask us to do something about it. not once. I wish there was something I could do about this. because now I fear for the safety of our newly acquired outside cat. if there was anything to do about this, they could not find out it was me that did something. ever, I would be in trouble and it would start drama between households. what do you people think about this situation, also, after about a couple years of living next to us they recently complained about us keeping our outside light on at night that it is waking them, I heard my mom say that. I don’t know how she found out they said that, but I heard her talking about how they said that. and that angers me even more. tthat they think its okay to kill our rooster and then complain about how we keep out outside light on at night. we have never had issues with the before. and them us, but now after this, idk. just thinking about it sickens me. the poor rooster, dead….. please someone give me advice thanks!!!! also, sorry for this being so long, had to vent….

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