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    Over a year ago

    I know it’s too late to do anything about what happened but I know you all will help me with my current problem. Well a couple months ago my sister’s chihuahua passed away but not from natural causes nope she died from abuse and neglect-from my own sister! Now my sister is an alcoholic and an addict so she of course doesn’t care about anyone but herself but what i’m here for is the fact that she killed her own dog and how it has affected me,my mother and my 5 year old niece both of us loved that dog like family so to see my sister torture her for so many years and not do anything about her siezures was heartbreaking and the fact that she has another chihuahua! Me and my mother are both very afraid for her and don’t know what to do I was going to contact peta back when my sister’s 1st dog was starting to be abused but I didn’t have the internet nor the phone number so i’m here now asking what to do about my sister’s dog who I fear is in terrible danger I want to save her but my sister lives far away and there is no animal control where she lives and I tried calling my local police department but I haven’t been able to get ahold of them so i’m asking you all as a vegetarian and animal activist of what I should do. Please help me.

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