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    Over a year ago

    I believe in supporting great causes, and one of them is rescuing animals. I currently have plans to support a horse, and while looking for help it got me thinking, this is a cause that should be constantly addressed; when you rescue an animal, you’re saving two animals lives.

    Our specific cause is a Horse named Mystery. She was abused, under loved, and under fed, and lucky to be rescued by one of our local horse rescues in our county.

    But the problem is that in our state (Michigan), all of the horse rescues are completely full and more than 100 horses are put to death every month because we can’t save them all.

    When we rescue a horse (or any animal for that matter), we’re actually saving two animals (the rescued, and freeing up space for another abused animal to get the attention they need).

    If you’re interested in reading more about our great cause, and maybe spread the word and the donation page, that would be great! And you can read more about it

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