• *National Anti-Fur Demo Saturday 8th December* (UK)

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    *National Anti-Fur Demo Saturday 8th December*

    Meet 12 noon, Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X 8PQ. (Tube: Hyde Park
    Corner, Piccadilly Line) Meet just inside Grand Entrance to the park.

    Although it has been illegal to breed and kill animals for fur in this country for over a decade, it is still legal for shops to import and sell fur from other countries, yet if they were to produce those very same fur items in this country they could be arrested and brought before the courts for animal cruelty.

    London in particular remains a major centre of the fur trade, with hundreds of shops throughout the capital selling fur, and though there there are regular and frequent protests against fur in London, campaigners there face a difficult task.

    On 8th December we hope that as many of you as possible will turn out to show your support and help us to expose those businesses, including some of the most famous names in fashion and retail, which continue to profit from the cruel fur trade.

    For more details contact
    text 07813 445518, 07899 775493

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