• Nature & Animal Lovers & Rescuers Out There?

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    Over a year ago

    It’s my 1st time posting in this boards. I’m very curious:
    I’ve always wanted to meet people from my age who are passioned about helping animals and protecting nature. I believe that it’s a natural thing to do, because if we do not take care of them, then who will? Now, I would like to know from who around the globe is like this. Loving animals and nature is something very special and meaningful. Being an animal rescuer, a enviromental & animal rights activist is something that you have to be determined to do, but in the end it’s very rewarding if the mission got to it’s goal. So I would like to meet people like you, a nature or/and animal loving person, that have a strong mission in everyday life. In Puerto Rico is very challenging due to lack of caring from the government and people who actually have the power to make things strait. So we need to unite and end animal cruelty once for all, along with making consciousness for the sake of nature.

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    Over a year ago

    I’m from the UK and I feel as passionately as you do about protecting animals and Nature. I do all that I can to help this planet and it’s inhabitants.

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