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    Over a year ago

    If you edit W!kipedia, we could use you help here
    It is a vote to remove the images from the L!st of vegans and L!st of vegetarians
    The vote was started by an admin who is against veganism and vegetarianism. An admin who used to remove vegans and vegetarians from the lists whenever the opportunity presented itself.
    She left for a couple of months but now she’s back and she wants to remove the recently added images from the lists because the images make the lists much more appealing and they help people to really see how many famous vegans and vegetarians there actually are.
    She also wants to segment the lists by name rather than country. This is a much smaller issue, but there’s a good reason that the lists are currently segmented by country.
    Carefully read the comments posted by the user Andomed!um if you’re not sure why you should vote to keep the images and the country segmenting.
    Here is what one of the lists looks like with the recently added images (in case she deletes them again before you get a chance to see them): Link

    If you’re someone who has edited either of the lists before, you can post in the Statements by involved parties section, otherwise you need to post in the Opinions by neutral third parties section.
    The admin will call in her friends who have edited the page before (she always does) so she will likely win the vote unless we can get a few people from this forum to help us out. Please choose your wording carefully if you do decide to help. Try to sound professional and knowledgeable and make sure all of your spelling is correct. Just look at how the other users have posted if you’re not sure how you should post.

    Also, if you could bookmark these lists and help keep an eye on them in the future that would be really great
    These lists have recently been getting very little attention from vegans and vegetarians and that’s just not cool.

    Thank you very much!


    Moderator: This thread will be useless two weeks from now and can then be deleted to help keep the forum clean & tidy.

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    Over a year ago

    Congratulations, the List of vegans and the List of vegetarians are now back in control of a meat-industry-supporting conservative.
    The fact that we vegans can’t work together on things like this is the reason our overall progress is so slow.
    Meat industry supporters collaborate well but we can’t collaborate for s**t.
    It would have taken very little to retain control of these lists. Just a few quick comments from a few vegans, but we couldn’t even get that done.



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    Over a year ago

    Please guys, we really need help with this.

    If you don’t have a Wikipedia account or aren’t sure what to do, is there perhaps a friend or family member you could ask?

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