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    Over a year ago

    Yay! I just bought my first pair of shoes from Neuaura! If you haven’t heard about them you should check them out they are eco-conscious, and animal-friendly. They also donate part of their profits to different organizations.

    Even though I’m a girl I really don’t care about shoes that much. I generally wear just whatever cheap brand of sandals or ripoff converse made by airwalk. Though I do own two pairs of vegan Macbeth shoes which are also pretty awesome! When I first found Neuaura I did somewhat fall in love at least with a good amount of the pairs they had. So when I found out they were having a summer sale to take an additional 40% off I had to buy a pair. Though some of those are already sold out or at least sold out of my size I decided to go with these:

    I love the look of them can’t wait till they get here!

    Oh they also have free domestic shipping but at the last second they of course add in the “handling fees” but it was only like 3 bucks more.

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks for the link

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